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10 Tips for startup Business Owners


  1. Focus. Focus. Focus
    Many first-time entrepreneurs feel the need to jump at every “opportunity” they come across. Opportunities are often wolves in sheep’s clothing. Avoid getting side-tracked. Juggling multiple ventures will spread you thin and limit both your effectiveness and productivity. Do one thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly. If you feel the need to jump onto another project, that might mean something about your original concept.

  2. Know what you do. Do what you know.
    Don’t start a business simply because it seems sexy or boasts large hypothetical profit margins and returns. Do what you love. Businesses built around your strengths and talents will have a greater chance of success. It’s not only important to create a profitable business, it’s also important that you’re happy managing and growing it day in and day out. If your heart isn’t in it, you will not be successful.

  3. Say it in 30 seconds or don’t say it at all.
    From a chance encounter with an investor to a curious customer, always be ready to pitch your business. State your mission, service and goals in a clear and concise manner. Fit the pitch to the person. Less is always more.

  4. Know what you know, what you don’t know and who knows what you don’t.
    No one knows everything, so don’t come off as a know-it-all. Surround yourself with advisors and mentors who will nurture you to become a better leader and businessman. Find successful, knowledgeable individuals with whom you share common interests and mutual business goals that see value in working with you for the long-term.

  5. Act like a startup.
    Forget about fancy offices, fast cars and fat expense accounts. Your wallet is your company’s life-blood. Practice and perfect the art of being frugal. Watch every dollar and triple-check every expense. Maintain a low overhead and manage your cash flow effectively.

  6. Learn under fire.
    No business book or business plan can predict the future or fully prepare you to become a successful entrepreneur. There is no such thing as the perfect plan. There is no perfect road or one less traveled. Never jump right into a new business without any thought or planning, but don’t spend months or years waiting to execute. You will become a well-rounded entrepreneur when tested under fire. The most important thing you can do is learn from your mistakes–and never make the same mistake twice.

  7. No one will give you money.
    There, I said it. No one will invest in you. If you need large sums of capital to launch your venture, go back to the drawing board. Find a starting point instead of an end point. Scale down pricey plans and grandiose expenditures. Simplify the idea until it’s manageable as an early stage venture. Find ways to prove your business model on a shoestring budget. Demonstrate your worth before seeking investment. If your concept is successful, your chances of raising capital from investors will dramatically improve.

  8. Be healthy.
    No, I’m not your mother. However, I promise that you will be much more productive when you take better care of yourself. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a 9-to-5 profession. Working to the point of exhaustion will burn you out and make you less productive. Don’t make excuses. Eat right, exercise and find time for yourself.

  9. Don’t fall victim to your own B.S.
    Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk. Impress with action not conversation. Endorse your business enthusiastically, yet tastefully. Avoid exaggerating truths and touting far reaching goals as certainties. In short, put up or shut up.

  10. Know when to call it quits.
    Contrary to popular belief, a smart captain does not go down with the ship. Don’t go on a fool’s errand for the sake of ego. Know when it’s time to walk away. If your idea doesn’t pan out, reflect on what went wrong and the mistakes that were made. Assess what you would have done differently. Determine how you will utilize these hard-learned lessons to better yourself and your future entrepreneurial endeavors. Failure is inevitable, but a true entrepreneur will prevail over adversity.

Advice from a young entrepreneur in the trenches


How to use Social Media to Grow your Business

Want to Increase your brand awareness and provide better customer care? Have more conversions. Social Media is being used differently today than ever before. Today, it’s more real, more personal which always helps engage your target audience better.

Influential Marketers

Personal means being unique to your brands personality on all Social media platforms. Be Serious but be fun, just be real.

If you have ever seen the brand FitFabFun, their social media posts don’t scream “Buy this product!” Instead, they focus on inspiring their followers , leading by example, actions speak louder than words, they post fun visuals that make their followers & customers relate to their brand.

If you can view your followers as close friends, that is the positive social media image that works. That’s how these companies stay at the top of their followers minds. They are also always available to interact with their customers on all platforms. That’s how you get your followers to trust you. Be consistent, Offer service driven components & you will win the hearts of many. If you put the effort in, it will be recognized & your brand will flourish.

New Social Media Strategies

Instagram is growing in popularity. Its the power of visual content. Social Media Examiner’s of businesses have found visual content is the effective content for reaching audiences. This makes Instagram a must-have Social Media platform to be a part of.

It’s important to note that businesses aren’t mainly focused on sales. The top three reasons businesses are marketing on social media include:

  • 90% market for increased exposure
  • 77% market for increased traffic
  • 69% market for developing loyal fans

Only 51% actually market for improved sales. This means it’s time to consider changing your marketing strategy to engage your audience versus just selling to them.

You should also think about using visual content not just on visual oriented sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, but also on Facebook and Twitter. Marketers still prefer Facebook, but it’s not their only choice. The latest 2015 social media marketing statistics from Social Media Examiner show marketers preferred networks:

  • Facebook – 93%
  • Twitter – 79%
  • YouTube – 55%
  • Pinterest – 45%
  • Instagram – 36%

By leveraging the power of all of these networks, plus reaching out to influential bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other digital influencers, businesses are growing their followings and customer base by thousands. All it takes is a more personal approach to build trust and prove your customers are more important than your bottom line




Have you ever taken the time to think, but really think about what you are passionate about?

I’ve really been thinking about this a lot lately.Design is something that really lights me up. I get excited putting product catalogue’s together and designing Clients Social media Banners, Posts and branding. I absolutely love creating logo’s . I’ve read that your passion fuels your business— if you’re not doing something you love, sooner or later you’ll feel like you’re back in the same place. If you’re excited about something, your audience and your potential customers will feel it. I’ve realized that as we grow older our focus shifts and the only thing that brings clear indication to what our passions are is change. Change the patterns that have not worked in the past. Challenge yourself & do new things. Change those bad habits & remember that everything you do is pointing you in the right direction to where you’re meant to end up. Trust that!

How would you like to spend your days?

I love behind the scenes Design. I love spending time putting the whole concept together, figuring out how the layout is going to look, what I’m going to say & what pictures I’m going to add & I LOVE designing Logo’s. I love working one-on-one with clients to see where their creative focus and idea’s lie? I spend a lot of time doing social media management but I’ve found that Social media & design go hand in hand & I’ve Realized that the core part of my business is Design. It’s something I can handle even on my worst days (but luckily those are far & few between).

How do you want to tackle each day? How do you want to feel?

Content? Ambitious ? Successful ? Powerful ? Loved ?

What can you do to make sure you feel this way? Writing down your goals & ambitions is like signing a secret contract with yourself that always sits quietly at the back of your mind as a silent reminder of what it is you are wanting to achieve.

What values do you want to achieve through your business? What do you want your Business to stand for?



I’m a firm believer that if you are good to people they will in turn be good to you (sometimes it doesn’t work out this way but for the most part it feels good to always hope for the best in people) I also always believe in being Kind! And if you can do what you love, share that with people— you may lose some followers, but you will attract the people who matter, the ones who stick around long term and who really get what you’re doing.   What matters to you is an essential part of your identity .

the secret to living is giving!

(Thank you Toni Robins for this one :-))

What can you do to bring those values to life in your business? How can you give back? The secret to living is giving & this has been a big lesson for me this year. I give back by giving of my time, of my talents and sharing all the gifts I’ve been given with those who need it. I truly believe that you can never give too much, because it will always somehow come back to you in some way. I also always believe in truly being grateful for the things you do have because living with a grateful heart is a gift.

I’d love to know your thoughts!

x M

Making it work!


Being an “entrepreneur” on top of being a mom, means you need to learn how to juggle ten thousand balls at one time. Those balls resemble each thing we need to do each day, wake up, get the kids dressed and ready for school, feed the kids, quickly get dressed yourself, take kids to school, get home, make beds, make coffee…ah coffee…..get to work.

Juggling all these things we love can be stressful at times but the important thing for me (and you) to remember is that  it doesn’t feel like work when you are doing what you love & that’s why I’ve chosen to focus on things i love !

That’s how I’m making it work!

Here’s to making it work all “mompreneurs” out there (she says whilst sipping on a nice warm nescafe cappacino!) x Mia