Stop.Smell the roses.


Have you ever sat down and wondered where to from here?

That’s been me this last year.

I am one of those people who always knew what i wanted to do. From the age of 7 I wanted to be a singer, & that’s what I did, what I am & what I’ve been for the last 16 years.

I guess it all changed when my life was turned up side down. 3 months after getting married my husband fell ill. This forced us to have a change of life so we moved to a less fast paced city where we could get him to heal. He had 5 strokes at the age of 34.

Suddenly I was in a town with no friends, no family & a sick husband. Finding my way in the singing world in a new town was much harder than i had expected. People hired the people they knew & i was unknown. I had to think outside the box and that’s where I started my teaching. I now not only sing, I teach singing too which fulfills a deeper part of me. A part where i get to give back doing one of the things I love. (Singing is a gift)

We then had our first little girl, soon followed our second little girl. (18 months apart) Life was blissful and beautiful and slow enough to stop & smell the roses. But… then we had to move back to the city for my husbands job and I found myself not looking forward to it at all. Again my world was thrown up side down and its taken me a year to find where i belong again.

There have been many challenges the past year has thrown at me & for a long time i was in a huge hole. The one thing I’ve always done is sing but something has been telling me there’s more. After some serious soul searching I had a realization. Now I was one of those people who didn’t know what i wanted to do. Limbo is not a healthy place but I’m grateful for the past year because I have learnt so much about myself.

Instead of being angry about having to start over for the 3 rd time, I’ve realized that there really is truth behind the saying everything happens for a reason because I’ve finally found something that challenges me, nurtures me, feeds my soul, & makes me think. I’ve learnt that to love yourself is invaluable & to appreciate all the things that we as woman have to juggle is an admirable thing because its not easy.

It’s finding those beautiful moments in between the challenging ones that have really made me Stop. to smell the roses.


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