How to use Social Media to Grow your Business

Want to Increase your brand awareness and provide better customer care? Have more conversions. Social Media is being used differently today than ever before. Today, it’s more real, more personal which always helps engage your target audience better.

Influential Marketers

Personal means being unique to your brands personality on all Social media platforms. Be Serious but be fun, just be real.

If you have ever seen the brand FitFabFun, their social media posts don’t scream “Buy this product!” Instead, they focus on inspiring their followers , leading by example, actions speak louder than words, they post fun visuals that make their followers & customers relate to their brand.

If you can view your followers as close friends, that is the positive social media image that works. That’s how these companies stay at the top of their followers minds. They are also always available to interact with their customers on all platforms. That’s how you get your followers to trust you. Be consistent, Offer service driven components & you will win the hearts of many. If you put the effort in, it will be recognized & your brand will flourish.

New Social Media Strategies

Instagram is growing in popularity. Its the power of visual content. Social Media Examiner’s of businesses have found visual content is the effective content for reaching audiences. This makes Instagram a must-have Social Media platform to be a part of.

It’s important to note that businesses aren’t mainly focused on sales. The top three reasons businesses are marketing on social media include:

  • 90% market for increased exposure
  • 77% market for increased traffic
  • 69% market for developing loyal fans

Only 51% actually market for improved sales. This means it’s time to consider changing your marketing strategy to engage your audience versus just selling to them.

You should also think about using visual content not just on visual oriented sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, but also on Facebook and Twitter. Marketers still prefer Facebook, but it’s not their only choice. The latest 2015 social media marketing statistics from Social Media Examiner show marketers preferred networks:

  • Facebook – 93%
  • Twitter – 79%
  • YouTube – 55%
  • Pinterest – 45%
  • Instagram – 36%

By leveraging the power of all of these networks, plus reaching out to influential bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other digital influencers, businesses are growing their followings and customer base by thousands. All it takes is a more personal approach to build trust and prove your customers are more important than your bottom line


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